27 November, 2014

Excellent response to FUDDU at Film Bazaar

FUDDU, directed by Sunil Subramani received overwhelming response at the screened at the NFDC Film Bazaar in Goa.

Playing to a packed house, the film is about an emotional turmoil faced by a boy just arrived from Banaras to Mumbai city.

He is disturbed to see how so many people live in cramped houses.

After his marriage he finds it difficult to accept the reality as to how an entire family shares only one room. His entire world tilts upside down when his wife, whom he had loved the most, leaves him for reasons which are untrue.

His family too discards him and disrespects him.

Will he succeed in getting his love back in his life? Will he succeed in getting back the respect from his family who had once loved him a lot? To get the answers to these questions do come and watch our emotional film with a pinch of humour...

This film stars Shubham Swati Kapoor in lead roles is directed by Anurag Basu's associate Sunil Subramani, which is his debut film as a director.

Story, Screenplay and Dialogues are written by Associate Producer Pawan Kumar Sharma. It is co-produced by Mahima Gupta and produced by Pradeep Gupta.

The film is presented by Mahima Productions (a division of Jagson Group.

ViaMonk Media & Entertainment and PROJECT 1 Media Inc. are the Official P&A companies of this film.

13 November, 2014

A Decent Arrangement – Film review

Rating: ***

Ashok Khosla, an NRI bachelor has decided to give a try to the arranged marriage concept.
A Decent Arrangement is the story of Ashok Khosla, an Indian-American copywriter who journeys to India seeking an arranged marriage.
The story revolves around a 30 something American-born Desi man Ashok (Laupus) who comes to India in search of a bride. A Decent Arrangement starts with the pivotal character – this NRI man using various modes of transport to reach the house of his older cousin (Shabana Azmi), who has taken interest in finding a desi girl for her brother.
As his parents find him unsettled in life, Ashok is shown as a confused character who feels excited at the idea of arranged marriage, yet wants a life partner who could be comfortable with the life back in the USA.
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Rang Rasiya – Hindi movie review

Rating: ***

Raja Ravi Verma had hiterto been an enigma to the common populace. For a child of all generations for over the centuries. His paintings on Gods have adorned many a temples and private mandirs in millions of homes across India.
Raja Ravi Varma was a renowned Indian painter and artist in the late 19th century who achieved recognition for his paintings depicting scenes from Indian literature and mythology including the epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana.
He is considered among the greatest painters in the history of Indian art and his paintings are considered to be among the best examples of the fusion of Indian traditions with the techniques of European academic art.
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NIGHTCRAWLER – Hollywood film review

Rating: ****

An engrossing thriller about an unemployed, part time thief who rises to become an owner of the most competitive business in the American television industry.
Every night, while the city sleeps, motley crews armed with fast cars, expensive video cameras and blaring police radios prowl the sprawling Los Angeles basin in search of a story.

These freelance stringers, known as nightcrawlers, hunt for crashes, fires, murder and other mayhem in hopes of selling the footage to local TV news.

Pin-balling from one police scene to the next, they are driven by a simple equation that converts crime and victims into dollars and cents.
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Mine is an entertaining comedy: Sarovar Banka, Director of A Decent Arrangement

A one-on-one with the Director of the much acclaimed film.
How would you describe your film A Decent Arrangement?
I’d say that it is a small film about Adam, an Indian American who comes to India and seeks the help and guidance of his elder cousin played by Shabana Azmi in search of an arranged marriage. The film deals with the dilemma of today’s youth who are unable to decide whether they want to opt for an arranged marriage or a love marriage and the extent to which they are ready to walk the extra mile to get what they want.

How did you zero in on an actress like Shabana Azmi ?
I should say that it was pure luck that led me to Shabana as I knew some one who knew her. I sent my script to India to her and I was pleasantly surprised when Shabana called me back to say that she would be happy to be part of my film as an actress. Shabana Azmi surprises you as an actress every minute on the sets and you can be sure of getting your shot in the first take itself with her 99% as she was ready with her lines and fully prepared

How was your leading man Adam as an actor?
Not many either in India or abroad know Adam, who ism playing the lead in my film. What I like about Adam is that he is an incredible actor who was not at all in awe of Shabana Azmi when he was pitted in my film.
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