28 August, 2016

MISSING ON A WEEKEND - Hindi movie review

A Weekend in Goa with friends is a dream but what when they go missing? Precisely, this is what this well made investigative thriller is about. What would you do if you discover when someone dies and the rest are missing…
Here is one film – a realistic investigative crime thriller laced with a suspense!
Welcome to Bollywood Mr Abhishek Jawkar, the director of this slick thriller.
7 friends from Delhi embark on a weekend Birthday celebration of one of the guys. There are 4 males and 3 females. Once they reach Goa, its fun, beaches and booze. The same evening party time and amidst the fun times, the Birthday boy attempts to get physical with a female and things take an ugly turn.
The next day Laksh (Karan Hariharan) finds himself in a Police Station being investigated by the new undercover Inspector Ali Ansari (Pavan Malhotra) at the Calangute Police Station. Laksh is totally unaware about rest of his friends.
Being framed for murder of his friends, Laksh himself is unaware about what really happened that weekend.
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Ayush Khedekar enjoys dahi-handi in Mumbai

Child Star Ayush Khedekar enjoys dahi-handi with the revellers in Mumbai

25th August 2016, Mumbai:Dahi-handi is a favourite festival with a lot of youngsters due to the adventure it brings along with it. Child star Ayush Khedekar visited one of the pandals in Lokhandwala, Andheri where dahi-handi was being celebrated with much fanfare. Ayush had arrived to promote his upcoming movie Ek Tha Hero which also stars Amita Pathak Sachar ,Ashwini Kalsekar, Asrani & Darshan Jariwala in pivotal roles.

Producer Sachin Dhakan was also seen at the event.

There was a huge crowd which gathered to get a glimpse of the Slumdog Millionaire star Ayush Khedekar.  He obliged his fans by clicking ‘selfies’ with them.

Ayush was seen enjoying the celebrations with the ‘gopalas’. He said, “These gopalas have so much energy which translates into everyone around them. It’s so much fun to cheer them while they break the handi.”

Team Chapekar Brothers visit Pune to pay their tributes to the legendary Chapekar & Tilak families

The city of Pune welcomed the team of Hindi film Chapekar Brothers with open arms. The team is on a promotional tour and made Pune as their first stop. Pune has an important role to play in the film which explores the glorious lives of Chapekar Brothers who contributed immensely in the freedom struggle.
Actors Abhijit Bhagat, Sanjeet Dhuri and Manoj Bhatt who play Chapekar Brothers on the big screen were a part of the entourage. Megha Joshi, Kanchan Awasthi, writer Dhiraj Mishra & producer Ghanshyam Patel were also present.
The team first paid their tributes to the Chapekar Memorial situated at the famous Chapekar Chowk. After which, the team met the members from the legendary Chapekar family.
They were extremely proud about the film as it has never been done before in Hindi Cinema. Later on, the team visited the iconic Chapekar Wada, a place where memories are still fresh.
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Waarrior Savitri – movie review

Niharica Raizada’s action scenes are the highlights of this film which is a modern-day adaption of the fable in the Mahabharata about Satyavan Savitri.
The fable says that Savitri is cursed since her childhood that whoever she marries, her husband would die. Defying destiny, Savitri undertakes various tough ‘vrats’ and emerges successful in dodging Yamraj (Lord of Death) eventually managing to evade her husband’s death and the couple lead a happy mortal life thereafter.
Waarrior Savitri is written and directed by Param Gill. The film stars the debutante Niharica Raizada, grand daughter of legendary music composer O P Nayyar and Rajat Barmecha of ‘Udaan’ fame who plays Satya (Satyavan) supported by veteran actors Om Puri who plays Yamraj and Gulshan Grover.
Since her childhood, this girl Savitri is cursed that she won’t have a happy married life with her husband who would die after her marriage.
This girl learns various forms of self defense and lethal martial arts which could prevent her from any harm.
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20 August, 2016

Reel life siblings Amita Pathak Sachar & Ayush Khedekar become real life siblings!

Amita takes care of Ayush like any elder sister would!

Celebrities on the sets often end up becoming close pals and the bond that they share remain intact forever. This time too there’s an unbreakable bond which has been created between actors Amita Pathak Sachar and Ayush Khedekar on the sets of Hindi movie “Ek Tha Hero”.

These two powerful actors play the role of siblings in reel life and the bond got translated in real life too. Since last year, Amita has been tying‘Rakhi’ to Ayush and she will be following the tradition this year too. Amita has become extremely fond of younger Ayush and takes care of him like any elder sister would!

Amita debuted with Haal-e-dil in 2008 after which movies like Aakrosh, Bittoo Boss and Taur Mittran Di followed.  Ayush Khedekar rose to fame with his superlative performance in the internationally acclaimed Slumdog Millionaire.  
“Ek Tha Hero” is a story about a 11 year old village boy named Jignesh who through his journey full of passion, laughter, joy, tears, inspiration & learning wins several hearts & emerges out to be a real “HERO”.
Hindi film Ek Tha Hero also stars Ashwini Kalsekar, Asrani & Darshan Jariwala.  Produced under the banner of Soni films & Entertainment and Filmdom Studios Pvt  Ltd;“Ek Tha Hero”  is jointly produced by Sachin N Dhakan, Amit Soni, Payal Madiyar & Jayesh Madiyar. Yogesh Pagare is the director & writer of the film. This film will be marketed by Clyde Daniels and Girish Wankhede of Entity One Entertainment solutions Pvt. Limited has come on board as the for distribution. Monty Sharma is the music director.

‘Amrita aur Main’ is about Pure, Divine Love

Director of the film ‘Amrita aur Main’ Sumit Mishra had a tough time convincing his family to make a career in Bollywood. His father’s desire was to see his son settle down with a Bank job, or as a government servant;.
Sumit is upbeat about the present generation of creative artists where parents today encourage their kids for selecting fine arts and other streams.
When asked if the present generation would identify, understand and approve of Amrita’s love story Sumit took a pause and sermonized philosophically, ‘The subject remains the same, it is the medium which has changed”.
Yes, he is right, because in the last century, we had the concept of Penfriends and exchange of love through letters, now the medium of exchange of love is electronic like the email, text message, etc.
Thus the medium has changed but the purity of true love shall remain for ever.
Sumit Mishra has announced his next venture – a feature film based in Benaras which shall depict the three forms of the city of Temples – Shiv, Shav and Shakti. As Sumit says, “Shiva is incomplete without Shakti, so is Shakti incomplete without Shiva.
Sumit will be missing the advantages of making Short Films which he points out, “No Tension of Funding, Creative freedom, Happiness, Creative Satisfaction and Releasing the short thru the digital medium”.
Since Amrita aur Main, the short film is about pure, intellectual love, what was the difficult scene to handle while shooting? “Filming the final scene when Amrita dies was the most difficult moment for me personally. I felt so disturbed after this take, then throughout the night too as I could not sleep well,” ended the moist eyed Sumit.
This sums up the passion and sensitivity of this Debutante Director.

17 August, 2016

Rajkumar Rao still continues his acting classes

National award winner Rajkumar Rao still continues his acting classes

Rajkumar Rao, who is a national award winner still makes it a point to learn and attend acting classes whenever he gets some time off.

The actor who has treated audiences to phenomenal performances in Kai Po Che, Shahid, Citylights still believes that there’s a lot to learn and therefore the actor tries and attends the acting classes as and when he gets some free time from his film shoots.

16 August, 2016

RUSTOM - Movie Review

Rating: ***

A Naval Commander pleads NOT GUILTY after 3 gun shots on his playboy friend.

At the very begining itself, the director has claimed that the film is a work of fiction, and is a fictional representation of the case of K M Nanavati versus State of Maharashtra which grabbed headlines during the 1960s.

The crispiness and pace of Akshay Kumar’s earlier thrillers (Baby, Special 26, Holiday, etc) are missing in this film. The Editor of the local english paper and the kid who sells the newspapers on the streets overdo their acts.

The film isn’t a murder mystery and lacks the suspense factor which doesn’t exactly keep you hooked to your seats.

14 August, 2016

Vageesh Saraswat turns filmmaker for Marathi film – Kamchor

Renowned poet & satirist Dr. Vageesh Saraswat turns filmmaker for Marathi film – Kamchor
Marathi literary world has witnessed the great works of poet & satirist Dr. Vageesh Saraswat.
And now it’s time for the Marathi Cine World to gear up for some amazing piece of Cinema through Marathi film – Kamchor. Dr. Vageesh Saraswat has turned writer, director & producer for this film which will focus on social issues in a humorous way.
Though this is Saraswat’s debut in films, he confidently says, “For me Kamchor is a poetry which will explore social & psychological issues.” He further added on selecting Marathi as the medium to express his thoughts through Kamchor.
He adds, “I feel only Marathi films deliver quality at par with international cinema. Marathi is a very rich language. These days, Hindi movies only know to entertain the audience.”
Kamchor will be produced under the banner of Filmoniya Productions.
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09 August, 2016

Waarrior Savitri actors Om Puri & Niharica Raizada perform some real life action stunts

Om Puri: ‘I have never been kicked on-screen by a lady’

Niharica Raizada who plays the Central role of a Contemperory Savitri in the upcoming film ‘Waarrior Savitri’ speaks to FILMY TOWN:
What is Waarrior Savitri, the film about?
Savitri is the same character from the old Satyavan-Savitri where the Princess Savitri goes all out to protect her husband from the clutches of death. Satyavan is the penniless Rajkumar, yet Savitri is bent on marrying him. And she does.
The Royal Pundit says that if this girl marries him, Satyavan would die in one year. But she is determined.
This is the modern adaptation of the Satyavan-Savitri saga of Mahabharata.

Is it the old legend of Satyavan-Savitri retold?
Savitri is a modern day girl well versed with Judo-Karate and she is fighting with Yamraj (Lord of Death).
She is a martial art artiste with excellence in Kung Fu- Karate, Taekwondo and Shotokan Karate.
She confronts everybody who tries to bring harm to her husband in the film. Though she is aware that her husband has been cursed and bound to die.
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Harbajan Singh celebrates on the sets of Mazaak Mazaak Mein

Interesting pictures from the sets of Mazaak Mazaak Mein

Where the cast and crew of the show celebrating the new member in Harbajan Singh’s Family.

Shriya Pilgaonkar's travel with her grandfather to Iceland

“Shriya Pilgaonkar's special trip with her internet hero grandfather gives us some serious travel goals”

If anyone on the internet binge reads interesting stories,Then that person definitely wouldn't have missed the unique tale of Arun Narayan Sabnis, a 77 year old young at heart man with a passion for traveling. 

This gentleman in question is Arun Narayan Sabnis, father of Supriya Pilgaonkar and grandfather of the recent debutant, Shriya Pilgaonkar. 

Shriya calls her grandfather as her best travel buddy and traveled to Iceland a while back to celebrate his travels to his 75th country making it all the more special. 

On being quizzed where next would she love to go with her grandfather who's now an Internet hero, she said, "My grandfather has been advised health rest but he's been certain to travel on the Route Trans-Siberian Railway. Whenever he does I won't miss out on a chance to go with him. He's my travel inspiration".

पंजाबी गायक दिल संधू की नई एलबम '''स्ट्रीट''

पंजाबी गायक दिल संधू की नई एलबम ''स्ट्रीट'' से काफी उम्मीदें है !

जालंधर पंजाब के उभरते रैपर पंजाबी गायक दिल संधू को अपनी नई एलबम ''स्ट्रीट'' से काफी उम्मीदें हैं! इसी माह नई पंजाबी एलबम स्ट्रीट रिलीज होने जा रही है।जिस की शूटिंग चंडीगढ़ में चल रही है ! मेरे नई एलबम स्ट्रीट में गायक में डी. जे.सरताज ने  भी गया है,जो काफी कर्णप्रिय है गाने !

पंजाबी कलाकार ने कहा कि नई एलबम स्ट्रीट पूरी तरह रोमांस के कहानी पर आधारित है। इसमें आवाज देने के साथ अभिनय भी किया है! बचपन से ही संगीत-गीत में रुचि रही है। इन के टीसीरीज से कई दर्जन गाये गीत दर्शोक ने काफी खूब पसंद किया है । दिल संधू कहा कि देश विदेश में पंजाबी लोक गीतों को पहुंचाने का मौका मिल रहा है इस से मैं काफी खुस हूँ ! उभरते पंजाबी कलाकार दिल संधू  ने कहा कि की आज कल मैं अपने नई एलबम  ''स्ट्रीट'' की शूटिंग चंडीगढ़ में कर रहा हूँ ! इसके बाद ''सुरमा'' और ''ब्लॉक पॉर्श''
पंजाबी फिल्म की शूटिंग जल्दी करने वाले है ! 

Hilarious comedy - Hello Darling now in Mumbai

 Hilarious Comedy Hindi play 'Hello Darling!’ at Bhaidas Hall on 13th August & at Rang Sharda on 14th August


The hilarious comedy hindi play ‘Hello Darling’ will be performed at Bhaidas Hall,Vile Parle,Mumbai on Saturday 13th August at 8:30 PM and on Sunday 14th August at 7:30 PM at Rang Sharda Auditorium, Bandra(west), Mumbai. 

It is produced and directed by Yogesh Sanghvi and the writer is Mir Muneer. The play stars Sheeba, Payal Goga Kapoor, Vibha Bhagat.Manish Arora and Vindu  Dara Singh .

It is a hilarious comedy drama. Husband and Wife must have trust on each other and should not be unfaithful to each other. 

This is the message given to the audience through this drama in a very comic way. 

Vindu Dara Singh says, “It is a humorous play with an eye-opening message. I am having fun and enjoying the rehearsals. Unlike films, there is no chance of a re-take in plays, so each one is doing his best to deliver the best of their performance.”

05 August, 2016

5 Reasons to Watch ‘Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara’

Here are Top 5  reasons to watch ‘Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara’ which releases today.

There are various Bollywood releases every Friday and from the audience point of view it becomes imperative to decide which is that one film that they should watch to get paisa vasool entertainment for an individual, couple, friends or the entire family when they go to a theatre to watch a movie !
Now, the film that we are discussing about here is Monjoy Joy Mukerji’s Directorial Debut Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara Produced by him along with Neha. D. Gupta and Deepakk. R. Gupta. So Friends, why should you watch this film releasing this Friday ?
Here are some reasons what makes this movie special:
1) Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara will provide Wholesome Entertainment for entire family in terms of Story Telling, beautiful songs, Kashmir the way it has never been seen before on the silver screen. Thus it has the perfect concoction for anyone from a 15 Year old to a 70 Year old to enjoy this movie !
2) The beautiful songs of this movie have been shot in Kashmir in the most remote areas at very high altitudes and will appear like a canvas when you finally watch the scenes, songs like Meheram Mere, Chhu Liya, Bhool Saari Baat and Dil Ke Rahi. It will make you feel as if you are really in Kashmir as the mesmerizing songs in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound will make you visualize as if you are in Kashmir itself and thus realize why Kashmir is called the Heaven on earth ! The D.O.P Anil Singh deserves mention here for his incredible work. So, history repeats itself as Kashmir was an integral part in Joy Mukerji’s movies too.
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Shahid Mallya lends his voice for Hindi film ‘Jacqueline I am coming’

Heartthrob of the young generation, Shahid Mallya the most loved singer has recently sung ‘Shikwa Na Shikayat’ for upcoming Hindi film ‘Jacqueline I am coming’.
A start to end shooting schedule of this film should commence in October and planned to be shot widely across Bhopal and other parts of Madhya Pradesh.
Today was the first song recording which is composed by Sukumar Dutta. Infact this song has been the Muhurat song for the film which was recorded in the studios of T-Series.

04 August, 2016

MOODS OF CRIME - Hindi movie review

 Rating:  ***  (3/5)

This crime thriller analysis and takes you through the various stages of permutations and combinations going on a person’s mind behind committing a crime and the feelings post that.

It is a psychological thriller revolving around Zubin Modi (Ayaaz Ahmed) and Nivedita Bhattacharya (Anima Pagare), final year students of Psychology working on their thesis on Criminology.

They are guided by their professor Uppekha Jain who literally steers them through the bends and turns of their project of ‘Study of Criminals’ where she insists that her students need to have a practical experience apart from the Theoritical universal evidence which could be easily obtained from the world wide web.

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01 August, 2016

Vikram Bhatt to launch new web channel

Vikram Bhatt to launch new web channel

Vikram Bhatt, who is known for experimenting with new ideas and showcasing bold content, is all set to launch his new series 'Maaya' on his own web channel, VB on the web, in October.

'Maaya' is an adult love story about two people who come together using aliases and experiment with BDSM. It's as close to E L James's erotic.

When asked the filmmaker on why he chose to release it on web channel and not make it into 70mm film, he explains, “In the ongoing censorship debate filmmakers today are clueless about what will be retained. In this worrying scenario, self-censorship is beginning to creep in with writers and directors editing stuff out, convinced it would never pass muster, and that bothers me.
‘Maaya’ was an idea I’ve had for a while but in a country where even James Bond is not allowed to kiss, I didn’t think BDSM would curry favour,” adds the director known for his pragmatic approach to films.
Pointing out the fact that it’d be near impossible for any country to censor the world wide web even if they do block out YouTube or Facebook, he plans to take his erotic fantasy to audiences across the globe with English subtitles.

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